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Marge's  Custom Slipcovers                                                                                       Easy to Make & Snug Fitting

Tired of the baggy, ill-fitting slipcovers?

I have mastered an alternative slip covering technique to help people with all levels of sewing skills create their own snug-fitting covers for chairs, benches, sofas, and more.  With detailed instructions and photos, I guide you through the process of refurbishing and customizing virtually all your living room, dining room, bedroom, and even patio furniture.  My method eliminates the muslin or paper pattern-making process, saving precious time and engery, and achieving a tighter, more attractive fit. 

This edition includes special sections on how to install essentials components such as zippers and decking, and tips on how to add height to and restyle arms on furniture.  Snug-fit, easy-to-make custom slipcovers fit so well the furniture looks brand new.  Home furnishings of all shapes are restored in this indispensable manual, proving that almost all furniture can be custom slipcovered.  Marge Jones