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                        Wood Turning

   I started wood turning about 3 years ago and  have loved every miniute of it.   At the discarded wood pile in the local landfill, I search for just the right piece of older cut and dried  wood. My husband splits the chunk of wood into smaller pieces for me. I trim off much of the excess wood at the corners, with a bandsaw, making it as round as possible.  Attach it to a face plate (shown above) and start turning.  This photo and the 6 below, taken Feb. 28, 2010, show the steps taken to create  my wood bowl.


   Wood mounted on faceplate and ready for rounding out with tools.   The rounding out  or  as one might say the sculpting process.  As you can see it is taking shape. 
I think this is the part that I like the best.  Turning a piece of wood that would normaly,in time, rot away to nothing or be burned in a fireplace and shape it into something that will  live on for generations.


    The round disc carved into the bottom, will be placed into a 3 jaw chuck.

     With face plate removed, it is time to turn out the inside of this bowl.     Ready for the sanding                     and about 3 coats of a                    clear finish.

                                                    This is the finished bowl from the photos above.  Below are more photos of wooden projects I have made within the last 3 years.


Handles for horseshoe pickup sticks, for my husband and his friends at the Clearwater Horseshoe Club.


   Baby Rattles for my dear friends twin grandchildren.





   Trinket Box

   Fan Pull


    Small flower pot, would need to be lined with plastic to protect the wood from water.    Trinket box for your favorite what-nots.


                                 To create this bowl , I stacked and glued  5 pieces of cherry wood I found at a mill in central Florida.  The top layer is from the ends of two boards.


                                    I love to make these TRINKET BOXES  and they make great gifts.